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Let’s face it... you probably have a lot of anxiety regarding COVID-19. You probably also have a lot of anxiety and stress simply wearing a face mask. To help alleviate your anxiety and stress our CBD Breathe Easy Calming Face Mask Spray is your solution. A couple of spritzes and you will be breathing easy and calm all day! The 15ml bottle contains 80+ sprays and is packaged with 4 PM2.5 five layer carbon activated filters. You'll stay calm for a month!

CBD Breathe Easy Face Mask Spray

  • Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Isolate Whole Hemp Extract, Natural Peppermint Scent.

  • Spray 1 - 2 sprays on one of the included PM2.5 five layer carbon activated filters. Place the filter inside of your mask. Put your mask on. Relax and be calm!

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