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Our DELTA-8/CBD Hemp Oil is a unique 1:1 blend of Delta-8 Distillate and CBD Isolate resulting in a synergistic formulation that stabilizes and balances any potential “weirdness” that some people may experience with the consumption of Delta-8 THC. Rather, people that use our product feel a therapeutic sense of well-being and calmness within a short period of time.

Each 50mg per 1ml serving contains 25mg of Delta-8 Distillate and 25mg of CBD Isolate in Pressed Hemp Seed Oil. Available in peppermint or natural flavor. This product is psychoactive, so you should start slowly and at a low dose to see how it works for you. You can find the dose that works best for you in your own circumstances with our patented PerfectDose® dropper. 

The Dynamic Duo: DELTA-8/CBD Hemp Oil

PriceFrom $45.00
  • Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Delta-8 Distillate, CBD Isolate.

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