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When out in public are you wearing a conventional paper, synthetic or cotton mask? All of these type masks including cotton masks (unless organic cotton) contain polyester or other synthetic fibers. If you don't want your skin, nose and mouth touching these materials, or do not want to be inhaling fumes from plastic, polyester or potentially harmful bleaches and dyes... our organic hemp fabric face masks are your answer!


Organic Hemp Face Masks

Type of Mask
  • Our face masks are made from fabric that is a blend of organic hemp and organic cotton, both grown in Nepal. They are made from natural fibers, have never been bleached, contain no dyes or artificial coloring, are breathable and vegan friendly, and if that’s not enough they are 90% bio-degradable. They are perfect for environments where social distancing is observed. Our masks are available in two versions.


    Two layer mask: The outside layer is hemp fabric. The inner layer is hemp paper. Although technically disposible, it can be cleaned after seven hours of total use. As a result it is reusable 1 - 2 times. Package contains 3 masks and a PM2.5 five layer carbon activated filter for added protection in congested areas.  


    Three Layer 30X Reusable Mask: The inner and outer two layers are hemp fabric. The middle layer is hemp paper. This mask can be cleaned and reused 30 times. It is packaged with one of our two layer masks in the event you need to go out and your three layer mask was just cleaned and not yet dry.

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