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CBG Hemp Oils

CBG has been dubbed “the Rolls Royce of Cannabinoids.” It is a cannabinoid present in hemp and cannabis plants. It is being studied for its many potential health benefits. A new study at the National Library of Medicine looked at why people utilize CBG and their self-reported effects and benefits. 127 Americans participated in the study. Click the link below to learn why people are raving about CBG. Disclaimer

Pain Relief

When CBG and CBD Isolate are combined, the result is a magnificent blend providing unmatched synergy. Our CBG/CBD Hemp Oil is 25/mg CBG Isolate and 25mg CBD THC Free Distillate (Broad Spectrum) with Pressed Hemp Seed Oil as the carrier. Each 1ml serving contains 50mg of CBG/CBD hemp oil. Available in 15ml and 30ml bottle size.

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From $65.00


Our CBG/DELTA-8/CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is a well-thought-out formula. It contains three beneficial cannabinoids balanced, so they all work together synergistically. Each one ml serving contains 25mg of CBG Isolate, 25mg of Delta-8 Distillate, and 50mg of Broad Spectrum THC FREE Distillate, all in pressed hemp seed oil as the carrier.


It is recommended to start at a low dose to see how it works for you in regard to what you are wanting it to do for you. You can find the best dose for you with our patented PerfectDose® dropper where one squeeze = 1ml. 


100mg per 1ml Serving


From $80.00

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