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CBN Hemp Oils

CBN is a rare cannabinoid that has been shown to assist with rest, relaxation, and support for falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. CBN is the strongest sedative of all known cannabinoids and has even been compared to pharmaceutical anti-anxiety sleep aid Diazepam (Valium). Studies show CBN may also reduce pain, inflammation, nausea and have antibacterial properties. Many people report sleeping significantly better when taking CBN, with some even able to break away from prescription sleep aids. Disclaimer


Our one-of-a-kind CBN/DELTA-8 Hemp Oil is a unique 1:1 blend of CBN Isolate and Delta-8 Distillate in Pressed Hemp Seed Oil. Sleep Tight can provide a euphoric state of relaxation and assist in helping to fall asleep and stay asleep longer with no morning-after consequences.

Each 20mg per 1ml serving contains 10mg of CBN Isolate and 10mg of Delta-8 Distillate. You can find the dose that works best for you in your circumstances with our patented PerfectDose® dropper. 


From $56.00

“GeorgiaCBD.Life, an online CBD store, finds the CBD Made Easy products the best quality possible! The new THCV and the CBN/DELTA-8 tinctures in pressed hempseed oil are one of a kind and truly the best there is!”


Duane Piel  •  Co-Founder & President

Georgia CBD Distributors  •  GeorgiaCBD.Life

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