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DELTA-8/CBD Hemp Oil

Our DELTA-8/CBD Hemp Oil 1:1 blend of DELTA-8 Distillate and CBD Isolate provides a synergistic formulation that stabilizes and balances any potential “weirdness” or headaches associated with the consumption of DELTA-8 THC.


Available in a 30ml and a 15ml bottle. Each 50mg per 1ml serving contains 25mg of DELTA-8 Distillate and 25mg of CBD Isolate. Disclaimer

Starting at $45.00

“CBD Made Easy’s new Delta-8/CBD Isolate 1:1 tincture in pressed hemp seed oil is a novel formulation that combines Delta-8 Distillate and CBD Isolate to create a highly balanced and synergistic product. This amazing tincture has shown in our experience to effectively help reduce pain, relieve anxiety, decrease stress, and aid in sleep!”


Duane Piel  •  Co-Founder & President

Georgia CBD Distributors  •  GeorgiaCBD.Life

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